Canada Travel Guide

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As the second-largest country in the world, it’s no wonder that Canada has incredibly rich offerings for tourists. Canada travel can include having face-to-face encounters with nature, attending fascinating cultural events, indulging in fine dining–or maybe a little bit of everything. Canada’s English and French influences, alongside its huge immigrant influx, make it one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse countries in the world. Visit Canada for various activity options that range from adventurous outdoor experiences to strolling around quaint neighborhoods. Your schedule can vary tremendously depending on the region and season in which you choose to travel to Canada. All of these options can be overwhelming, but let our Canada travel guide help you decide what the best plan is for you.

Things Not to Miss in Canada

• Explore the charming French-speaking province of Québec
 • Marvel at the imposing Niagara Falls
 • Dive into Toronto’s cultural diversity
 • Head to Montréal’s famous International Jazz Festival
 • Practice winter sports in prime locations like Mont Tremblant or Whistler
 • Explore Banff National Park in Alberta
 • Visit Vancouver

When to Go to Canada

Summertime has the most pleasant weather, and the streets are alive with locals and tourists. Some of the main cultural events happen during the summer, like the Montréal Jazz Festival and or Toronto’s Luminato light festival. Spring and fall have slightly lower temperatures but fewer crowds and better rates for both hotels and transportation. Winter is ideal for fans of snow-based sports.

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