South African Winelands Travel Guide

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For many, Cape Town has long been a focal point for South African travel, and it's easy to get caught up in its myriad of vibrant attractions, But a glance north opens up a whole other world of sightseeing opportunities. Thanks to its dry, mountainous climate, the area is home to more than 300 vineyards and is one of the World's largest wine producers. South African Winelands travel attracts oenophiles with vintages that range from Sauvignon blanc to its famed red Pinotage. Unsurprisingly, the region is a hotbed of first-class restaurants as well. Whether you plan on spending a day or a week exploring this wealth of culinary riches, Travel + Leisure's South African Winelands travel guide can help.

Things Not to Miss in the South African Winelands

• Taking a guided bike tour between the area's standout estates, then pairing local wines with local cuisine at one of its top-flight restaurants
 • Exploring the area's untamed beauty at the Paarl Mountain Natural Reserve
 • Learning more about the region's multicultural heritage at exhibits at the Afrikaans Language Museum and more
 • Stroll through historic towns like Stellenbosch and Franschhoek along streets of quaint boutiques, eateries and more

When to Go to the South African Winelands

Autumn harvest in the Southern hemisphere is the ideal time to visit the South African Winelands. Between March and May, the weather is warm and sunny, and there is minimal wind. Summer (November through January) also attracts a lot of visitors with warm sun and late sunsets. If you're traveling in the winter, be prepared for cool, wet weather and temperature drops once the sun goes down.

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